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Meet The Inca Tern, The Unique Bird With a Handlebar Moustache

Among all diverse species of bird, there are on earth, the Inca tern is certainly one of the most impressive.

The Inca tern is a bird with a very dashing handlebar moustache. That’s right it has a moustache.

The moustache though all be it impressive, is not just decorative, it also serves a purpose.

The longer it is, the healthier the bird is, meaning they are more attractive to the opposite gender.

It’s commonly compared to the iconic facial hair of Salvador Dali, which is a perfect reference.

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As a species, the Inca Tern can be found along the Pacific coast of Peru and Chile. Preferring to nest on coastal cliffs and the many small islands along the shore.

These birds get their name from the Inca Empire which once ruled over the land the birds live.

Aside from their distinct mustaches, they have yellow wattles and bright red beaks and feet.

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Unlike many birds the Inca Terns look exactly the same no matter the gender, they both wear the same plumage.

Pairs tend to stay together throughout the breeding season, though mates do not return to the same mate the following year.

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The inca tern is also known for its cat-like calls.

It’s described as a “mew” similar to a kitten, though a loud one, especially since these unique birds hang out in large colonies, they can get pretty noisy.

Unfortunately, due to declining fish stocks, Inca Terns are listed as a near-threatened species.

Their diet consists of anchovies and other small fish, competing with human fisheries for food.

Hopefully, conservation efforts will protect them from becoming endangered in the future.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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