Meet The Awesome Golden Mountain Doodle

If you’re wondering why this dog is two times cuter than other doodles, it’s because it is a double doodle. Personality-wise, no doubt, it’s also twice as nice. Check out the awesome Golden Mountain Doodle.

HEIGHT: 16 to 29 inchesWEIGHT: 25 to 90 pounds
LIFE SPAN: 13 years (estimate)BREED SIZE: medium to large
DROOL TENDENCY: medium COAT LENGTH: medium to long

COLORS: gold, black, brown, cream, red, beige, white; often with patterns brindle, tri-color
TEMPERAMENT: affectionate, gentle, kind, outgoing, playful, calm, tolerant
GOOD WITH: children, seniors, other pets, first-time dog owners
HEALTH FACTORS: hip and elbow dysplasia, eyes diseases, skin conditions
OTHER TRAITS: low-shedding, requires lots of grooming, easy to train, fit for homes with lots of space

The Golden Mountain Doodle is a relatively new addition to the world of mixed breeds, but it’s already winning hearts with its impeccable good looks and lovable qualities.

Background | This designer breed is less than a decade old.


The Golden Mountain Doodle comes from three dog breeds – the golden retriever, the Bernese mountain dog, and the poodle. The first golden mountain doodle litter was born in 2013 at the SwissRidge Kennels in the United States to a lovely chocolate Goldendoodle mother named Lazeeza and a gorgeous tri-colored Bernedoodle father, Henry. The breeders ran a competition on social media to name the new designer breed, and the apparent winner was the Golden Mountain Doodle.

The poodle is known for its non-shedding, hypoallergenic qualities, while both the Bernese mountain dog and golden retriever are great family pets. But the Bernese mountain dog is a heavy shedder with a hint of stubbornness that makes it challenging to train. On the other hand, the eager-to-please golden retriever is a little too energetic and playful. By crossbreeding all three, breeders hope to develop a dog that’s laid-back like the Bernies, quick to train like the Goldies, and safe for people with allergies like the poodle.

Appearance | The Golden Mountain Doodle is not necessarily golden.

Contrary to its name, the golden mountain doodle is not a solid golden color. It comes in black, brown, cream, red, beige, and white. Many also sport a coat pattern, such as brindle, merle, phantom, sable, and tri-color. Their bodies are stocky and compact but surprisingly athletic. Their hair is either fleecy and wavy or woolen and curly. A few may inherit the double-layered straight coat of the golden retriever and the Bernese mountain dog. 

The golden mountain doodle has two sizes – standard and mini. But don’t let these deceive you, as both are on the larger end of the small dog spectrum. The mini golden mountain doodle weighs between 25 to 50 pounds and measures 16 to 22 inches tall. It is the smallest size one can get. Meanwhile, the standard-sized golden mountain doodle is around 50 to 90 pounds and is typically 23 to 29 inches in height.

Personality | They are equal parts playful and calm, smart and silly, and overall kind.


Because the golden mountain doodle is a new breed, knowledge of its temperament is pretty limited as it takes generations to establish a dog’s personality standards. Although it’s too early to tell their specific behaviors, they have proven to be incredibly sweet, affectionate, gentle, and loving. These characteristics make them suitable for children of all ages and the elderly. 

Their poodle genes make them exceedingly intelligent, but with a goofy and silly side. Indeed, many golden mountain doodles tend to be comedians and entertainers. Despite being spirited and playful, they don’t get boisterous or overexcited, a trait they got from the Bernese mountain dog. Like their golden retriever ancestors, golden mountain doodles are likely to make ideal service or therapy dogs. They also make perfect pets and companions as they are friendly, tolerant, and loyal.

Grooming | As low-shedding as they are, the Golden Mountain Doodle will require lots of brushing.


With poodle genes, the golden mountain doodle is less likely to shed. However, some may inherit the long and silky coat of the golden retriever and Bernese mountain dog, making them heavy shedders. Either way, golden mountain doodles require daily brushing to prevent their hair from tangling, matting, and knotting. It is also essential to keep their hair at a healthy length by trimming it every six to eight weeks. 

Bathe them once a month or when they are filthy or smelly. Clip the nails every 15 to 30 days or when needed. Make sure to clean their ears with a soft, damp cloth to prevent ear infections and brush their teeth at least thrice a week.

Exercise | Laid-back as they may be, they still need plenty of outdoor time.


One of the goals for mixing the Goldendoodle with the Bernedoodle is to tone down the golden retriever’s boundless energy with the Bernese mountain dog’s relaxed demeanor. As a result, most golden mountain doodles are medium-energy dogs who love to play as much as they love to chill. 

Still, these dogs are more suitable for active families and homes with plenty of outdoor space. They need at least an hour of physical activity each day to burn off excess energy. Exercise not only keeps them healthy but also satisfies their adventurous nature and helps them to relax. Long walks and active games, such as fetch and tug, are good activities for golden mountain doodles. However, it is best if you incorporate mental stimulation by giving them canine puzzles and interactive toys.

Diet | Due to age-related nutritional differences, the Golden Mountain Doodle has various dietary requirements

Like other dogs, the golden mountain doodle has various dietary requirements. The dog’s age, health, and weight are essential factors in planning its meals. Older golden mountain doodles require more protein than their younger counterparts, who need a healthy amount of complex carbs to sustain their active lifestyle. It is best to feed them a combination of dry and wet food, supplementing it with vegetables such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. Because they are prone to weight gain, limit their food portions, and have a fixed feeding schedule.

Training | Training them should be easy and pain-free.


With three intelligent ancestors, the golden mountain doodle is a super smart and highly trainable crossbreed. Because of their people-pleasing qualities, these dogs are flexible and responsive to commands, making them ideal for inexperienced dog owners. Be sure to make the training sessions pleasant, less stressful, and rewarding as they learn more quickly in a nurturing environment. Be ready to give out well-deserved treats, belly rubs, and loads of praise.

Health | The Golden Mountain Doodle tends to be much healthier than its purebred parents.

Overall, the golden mountain doodle is a healthy designer breed. However, like other dogs, they can develop some health problems as they grow older. The most common disease dogs of this size suffer from is hip dysplasia, or the painful dislocation of the hip bone. They are also prone to elbow dysplasia, skin allergies, and eye disorders. Visiting the vet for regular check-ups will help these dogs live long, healthy lives.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!