Meet The Adorable Boston Terrier Pug Mix

Are you looking for the perfect lapdog and companion? The Boston terrier pug mix is just the right combination of affectionate and playful. They love to have fun as much as cuddle.

HEIGHT: 10 to 17 inchesWEIGHT: 15 to 25 pounds
LIFE SPAN: 10 to 15 yearsBREED SIZE: Small

COLORS: White, black, cream, brown, white, brindle or tuxedo pattern
TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate, alert, funny, playful, obedient, territorial
GOOD WITH: Families with older children, new pet owners, the elderly
HEALTH FACTORS: Obesity, fold dermatitis, congenital obstructive airway disease, cataracts
OTHER TRAITS: Adaptable to apartment life, minimal maintenance, moderate shedding, loves attention

Their easy-going personality, friendliness, and gentle nature make them ideal for first-time pet owners and families with children.

Best of all, this crossbreed is low maintenance, doesn’t shed much, and has a long lifespan, with many living up to 15 years.

History | Their origin is unknown

No one knows when or where the Boston Terrier Pug mix originated. Fans of this crossbreed believe that it first appeared in North America around the 1980s. This designer dog is fondly called a Bugg.

All Boston Terriers come from a single ancestor named Judge, a crossbreed between a bulldog and a now-extinct white English terrier. In 1870, a Bostonian man named Robert Hooper bought Judge and developed the Boston terrier breed.

The Pug, meanwhile, is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, dating back at least 2000 years ago. It originally came from China but was brought to Europe by Dutch traders between the 14th and early 15th centuries.

Appearance | Boston terrier pug mixes are the embodiment of cuteness

Lucapablo, CC BY-SA 4.0

Unlike most mixed breeds, the Boston terrier pug mix’s appearance is a bit easier to guess. It is because Boston terriers and Pugs have plenty of similar physical characteristics. Like their parents, Buggs is small, with adults weighing merely 15 to 25 pounds and growing to 10 to 17 inches tall. Their compact body and short legs make them easy to carry around. 

A Boston terrier pug mix’s most recognizable features are its huge, protruding eyes, either blue or brown, and short flat muzzles highlighted by a small, black nose. Their fine coat comes in brown, black, cream, or white, with some having patterns, such as brindle (tiger-like stripes) or tuxedo. They may inherit the floppy ears of the Pug or the small erect ears of the Boston terrier.

Temperament | They are sweet and cuddly but downright clingy


The Boston terrier pug mix is friendly, affectionate, loyal, and devoted to its family. They demand attention, often following their owners around in the house. These dogs like to play, but they are also content to sit on your lap and cuddle for hours. These eager-to-please dogs are quite the comedian and will perform comical antics to get noticed.

However, they can be stubborn, territorial, and resentful of other pets or humans who might steal the spotlight from them. Buggs don’t like being ignored, left alone, or separated from their family. When they are stressed, threatened, or jealous, they may become aggressive. It is crucial to socialize with them and expose them to other pets while they are young.

Grooming | Boston terrier pug mixes are pretty low maintenance

Josh Brown

Not much effort is necessary when grooming these dogs as they barely shed at all. Their coat naturally repels dirt because of its glossy texture. Still, you should brush their hair once a week to stimulate blood flow, maintain healthy fur and remove loose hair. 

Because the Boston terrier pug mix doesn’t have a smelly odor, you can bathe them only when needed. If they have skin folds, make sure the insides are clean, dry, and free of buildup, as these can irritate the area and cause dermatitis. Also, clip their nails, brush their teeth and clean their ears. Some Buggs are prone to eyelid abnormalities, so ensure to check their eyes for signs of irritation or infection.

Exercise | They are not the most active hybrids


No, the Boston terrier pug mix is not a couch potato, but they aren’t the most energetic pets either. Although they don’t need intense physical exercise, they should have at least 30 minutes of activity each day to help them stay in shape and maintain their good temperament. A simple 20-minute walk combined with some playtime is enough to keep them happy and burn off excess energy. Remember that these dogs do not do well in strenuous activities, so be careful not to overexert them. Always provide fresh and clean water after exercise to keep them cool and hydrated, especially if you live in a hot and humid area.

Feeding | Boston terrier pug mixes are voracious eaters, so watch their weight


They may be small, but they have a huge appetite. Buggs will eat all day and gobble up whatever you give them. Overeating can lead to health issues and obesity, a common problem with these dogs. Establish a meal schedule and avoid overfeeding them. Limit their food intake to ¾ to 1.5 cups of dry dog food daily and supplement their diet with cooked chicken meat, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and eggs.

Training | It is crucial to train Buggs at an early age


These dogs’ intelligence and willingness to please make them highly trainable. They react well to positive reinforcement, such as giving treats and praise. However, they can be willful and stubborn. It is best to establish discipline using a clicker.

A Boston terrier pug mix may lose its temper when it’s jealous or feels territorial. It is essential t start training when they are young to address unbecoming behavior early on. You should be firm, patient, and committed but at the same time gentle, as Buggs are sensitive and get discouraged when their feelings are hurt. Be sure to introduce them to other people and teach them to stay calm in the presence of other pets.

Health | They are generally healthy but may suffer some inherited health issues


With a healthy, balanced diet and proper care, Buggs can live up to 15 years, even longer. But like any other dog, they can be susceptible to particular diseases inherited from their parent breeds. The most common health issue they can encounter includes obesity, which leads to several adverse effects. 

They are also prone to dermatitis as the folds of their skin may become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. Some Boston terrier pug mixes may suffer from Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome or congenital obstructive upper airway disease. This disorder affects breeds with short-muzzle and flat noses, and the best way to correct it is through surgery. 

Also, keep in mind that their round, bulging eyes are susceptible to injuries as debris and dirt could get in them. Lastly, Buggs do not have the qualities to endure extreme heat, humidity, or freezing weather.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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