Meet Meaty – The Smiliest Rescue Dog In The World

We dare you not to smile too after seeing these photos 😩

Meaty – full name Meatball – is the pit bull mixed breed that has won the hearts of Instagrammers everywhere.

He regularly stars in owner Lisa’s memes.


Before he found his forever home and became a meme sensation, he spent his days in a shelter.

Lisa Reilly, Meaty’s owner, found him online. She saw a photo of him posted by Fresno Bully Rescue, a no-kill shelter in California.

Lisa was reminded of a previous dog she had owned called Kitty that had sadly passed away a couple of months before.

She decided to bring Meaty back home to join her family of rescue dogs, and he did not stop smiling!

It was love at first sight! And, when Lisa got engaged to Joe, Meaty had a starring role.

Lisa shares photos and memes of Meaty and his fellow rescue brothers and sisters on her Instagram page, which has over 150,000 followers.

Meaty’s smile is infectious!

Written by Alice Joan