Meet Bell, The Unique Cat With The Squirrel Like Tail (Gallery)

Bell isn’t your average house cat. She has a tail that resembles a squirrel’s, only fluffier.

I bet you wish you could touch it to see how soft it really is. This unique cat has a popular Instagram account and you can see why she’s gone viral.

Feast your eyes on Bell, the majestic cat

Who sports a fluffy tail like no cat we’ve ever seen

Resembles a squirrel more than a cat

Bell’s Instagram account has over 154k followers and it followers her around, as well as her other pet siblings. They are all just as adorable as each other!

I know you wish you could touch her tail just to see how soft it is

So do we!

Now have a look at Bell in action (video):

Bell is a Minuet cat who lives in Japan

Minuet cats are also known as Napoleon cats. They were called Napoleon cats due to their short stature.

Minuet cats are a mix of Persian and Munchkin cats.

Now this breed is known for its stunning coat

They are known for these short legs but it doesn’t stop them from being like any other cat.

Despite having such short legs, these cats can jump, run and play as agilely as any other type of cat.

What health defects can a cat have I hear you say?

These can include excessive formation of tears, blocking of tear ducts, flattened faces among many more.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!