Man Adopts 45 Shelter Dogs And Gives Them 4 Acres Of Land To Roam Free (Video)

Meet Mark Starmer, one day he decided to adopt 45 dogs, and a grey wolf, all at once!

The kind man from British Columbia in Canada wanted to provide the canines with everything they needed for a happy and healthy life.

He even built them a 4-acre enclosure, just for them to roam around in, and as you can see from the video below, they couldn’t be happier!

Just look at them, going from a shelter to this 4-acre space just to themselves is amazing!

Mark says that even though it is a lot of work to maintain this, caring from the dogs is ‘a labor of love’ and is all worth it!


His good deeds haven’t gone unnoticed as ex-pet rescue inhabitants have seen and given all their love and more.


Thank you mark! You have given all 45 of these sad souls a new life, helped fought puppy mills and unreasonable breeding, and are just an all-around good guy!


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Joe Kahlo

Written by Joe Kahlo

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