Labrador Dog Befriends Orphaned Elephant, Teaches Him To Play Fetch

An African Elephant named Bubbles and a black Labrador named Bella gave us the chance to witness the cutest animal friendship we’ve seen in a while. Their bond is One Of A Kind!

The two residents (Bella and Bubbles) of Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, have become best friends and are frequently spotted playing fetch in the water.

Bubbles is one of the very few elephants who was saved in Africa when a massacre took place. In the 20-year mass killing, Bubbles lost her parents, who were killed by Ivory poachers. The rest of the adopted animals were either killed or freed due to a lack of facilities.

Bubbles initially weighed 340 lbs and was around 42 inches tall when she arrived. But over time, she has gained both height and weight.

Source: Myrtle Beach Safari | Photographs by: Barry Bland

She now weighs a total of 4 tonnes and stands 9 feet tall. Incredible, right?

Bella is an abandoned pup who was left at the park by a constructor who was appointed to build the swimming pool for Bubbles back in 2007. The pool, that’s now a river, gave both animals the opportunity to forge a long-lasting friendship. Lucky for them!

Bella and Bubbles are now and then seen playing in the water together at the Martyle Beach Safari. As Bubbles grew enormously over the years, so did her love for swimming.

The two creatures share a beautiful bond that has left everybody in AWE! Bubbles loves to tease and throw a tennis ball in the water for Bella to jump and fetch!

Some Ivory poachers killed Bubbles’ family back in 1981 for jewelry. Even today, thousands of elephants are being brutally killed for the very same purpose.

Fortunately for the two creatures, they found each other and became best buddies!

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Written by Sundus