Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix (Goldmation)

Cute Golden Retriever And Dalmatian Mix with a rope

Combine the feistiness of the Dalmatian and the sweet, outgoing disposition of the golden retriever, and you’ve got a Goldmation, one of the most adorable dogs in the realm of crossbreeds.

HEIGHT: 19 to 23 inchesWEIGHT: 55 to 70 pounds
LIFE SPAN: 10 to 12 yearsBREED SIZE: Medium to large
DROOL TENDENCY: Medium to highCOAT LENGTH: Medium, long
Golden Retriever And Dalmatian Mix in the snow
COLORS: White to golden, often with signature black spots
TEMPERAMENT: Spirited, gentle, playful, friendly, affectionate, loyal, intelligent
GOOD WITH: Families with young or older children, active adults, multi-pet households
HEALTH FACTORS: Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, heart disease, kidney stones
OTHER TRAITS: Easy to train, sheds a lot, medium-maintenance, loves physical activities

History | Goldmations are among the original modern designer dogs

Golden Retriever And Dalmatian Mix with a ball in its mouth

About 30 years ago, breeders started crossing two or more purebred dogs to develop a mixed breed that is healthier, gentler, and therefore more trainable. The golden retriever dalmatian mix is one of the first hybrids these breeders developed. Although these designer dogs are relatively new, they come from a long lineage of popular and established breeds, these are the dalmatian and the golden retriever.

Dalmatians got their name from Dalmatia, a region in Croatia. However, these graceful canines have existed in Africa, Asia, and other parts of Europe since ancient times. Centuries-old texts, engravings, and paintings on Egyptian tombs portrayed these dogs. Throughout history, dalmatians have been shepherds, retrievers, trained to hunt rats, performers, and guard dogs, running alongside traveling coaches to protect the horses and passengers.

Meanwhile, golden Retrievers were bred in Scotland in the mid-1800s as gundogs. Their chief task is to retrieve downed game from land and water for their companion hunters. The first golden Retriever arrived in the United States through Canada in 1910.

Appearance | The golden retriever dalmatian mix can be hairy, spotted, or anything in between

Golden Retriever And Dalmation Mix looking spotty. Dalmatian mixes

The golden retriever dalmatian mix is mid-sized to large dogs, with a well-proportioned body, a long snout, slightly curved tail, and drooping ears. Adults can grow up to 19 to 23 inches tall and weigh between 55 to 70 pounds. Their eyes are may be brown or blue, while their nose is black. 

Like most hybrids, it is almost impossible to predict the appearance of a dalmatian golden retriever mix before it is born. Their offspring may favor the looks of one parent or be a perfect blend of both. However, many Goldmations inherit the longer fur of the golden retriever and the unique spots of the dalmatian. The pattern may be visible and distinct or faint and subtle, with merely a tinge of dark markings on their lighter coat.

Temperament | Goldmations are a bit of sugar and spice and everything nice

Black Golden Retriever And Dalmatian Mix with spotty white paws

These designer dogs are friendly, affectionate, and loyal to their humans. Their high-level energy, tolerance, and willingness to please make them ideal pets for active families with children of all ages. They typically get along well with other household animals. Despite their gentleness, they are also protective of their owners, a trait that they got from their dalmatian parents. They are quick to bark if they see strangers nearby, but once these dogs realize the visitors mean no harm, they will willingly back off.

Like the golden retriever, Goldmations are highly sociable and thrive on companionship. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. Boredom often leads to unwanted behavior, such as destructive chewing and incessant barking. Owners should provide their golden retriever dalmatian mix with plenty of mental stimulation and physical activities. Puzzle games, toys, and challenges will keep them busy and help burn excess energy.

Grooming | The golden retriever dalmatian mix will need regular coat brushing

Both dalmatians and golden retrievers are frequent shedders, so it is highly likely that their offspring, too, sheds a lot. Brush their coat at least twice a week with a de-shedding tool to minimize shedding. It prevents their hair from matting and getting all over the house and furniture. Check for twigs, leaves, grass awns, especially if the fur is longer.

Goldmations are prone to drooling, which causes an unpleasant odor. You can get rid of the dog smell by bathing them once a month using a mild shampoo that doesn’t dry out their skin. Clean their ears once a week with a soft, damp cloth and clip their claws as often as necessary. Do not forget to brush their teeth every day to reduce the likelihood of dental diseases later in life.

Exercise | Goldmations love to move

Happy Golden Retriever And Dalmatian Mix. Goldmation dog

Regular exercise doesn’t only benefit Goldmations physically but also mentally. It helps address separation anxiety, stress, destructive behavior, and boredom. With this said, these dogs need to get their daily dose of activity.

Both dalmatians and golden retrievers are high-energy level dogs, so it is no surprise that their mix is just as enthusiastic. The golden retriever dalmatian mix love the outdoors and require at least one long active walk off the leash each day. They make good companions for running, jogging, and swimming. They also love to play fetch and retrieve objects for their owners.  

Feeding | Golden retriever dalmatian mixes need lots of nutrients to sustain their active lifestyle

A golden retriever dalmatian mix needs a high-protein diet to support their level of energy. Avoid giving them excessive amounts of carbohydrates as these could leave them feeling hungry and cause them to overeat. Joint issues are common among larger breeds, especially as they age. Goldmations need to maintain their ideal weight to prevent this. Avoid free-feeding and prepare two to three small meals throughout the day. Be sure that their treats are healthy and given as a reward for good behavior instead of being part of their daily diet. These dogs are also prone to urinary stones, a trait from their dalmatian side, so supply them with fresh water.

Training | Goldmations rank high on the intelligence chart

Black Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix puppy. Dalmatian mix breeds

The golden retriever dalmatian mix is the offspring of two of the most intelligent dog breeds, making them highly trainable. However, their playful nature may get in the way. Before they can focus on the training, they may need to burn off some energy first. Their golden retriever side makes them eager to please, and they will quickly learn to follow commands with the right motivation, rewards, and praise. Training can start as early as two months by exposing the pups to new places, situations, and people.

Health | The golden retriever dalmatians mix is generally healthy but prone to certain diseases

Because Goldmations are cross-breed dogs, they are typically free from the diseases their pure-breed parents may have. However, they can still be prone to health issues such as heart disease, hip and elbow dysplasia, and hypothyroidism. From their golden retriever parent, they can get thyroid cancer. They can also suffer from kidney stones and deafness from their dalmatian side. Generally, the golden retriever dalmatian mix is a healthy dog breed and may never encounter any of these diseases in their lifetime

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