Corgi Gives Owner a Heart Attack After Falling Asleep While Eating Dragon Fruit

What would you do if you can home and saw your beloved pet lying on the floor just like the picture above?

Our pets sometimes scare us senseless. Imagine seeing the scene above, the horror! But being a smart sherlock, you bend over to taste the liquid. It’s not blood—it’s just a fruit! Silly dog!

Well, believe it or no that’s exactly what happened with Gody the Corgi. His owner took a photo of Gody lying on the floor just like someone from an episode of CSI. But it turns out that the adorable corgi gorged himself on dragon fruit, rolled around in the remains, and took a nap after a hard day of chowing down the fruit.

He was fine of course, but it didnt stop lots of people on the internet doing a double take when seeing the photos.

Oh, the horror!

Gody’s owner found him lying on the floor, all covered in red sticky liquid

He was completely fine, but he still scared a lot of internet users

It was just dragon fruit all along!

Image credits: Candy The Corgi Official

Gody is a cheeky chap that’s always playing dead. ‘Gody gave me a mini heart attack when I saw him like that. He loves to lie like that and sleep everywhere, every time.’

Gody’s owner explained that the Facebook page is named after the cute dog’s mother. “This page was created for Candy a while ago. I want to share all the fun moments of my adorable dogs with everyone to bring them some joy in their busy days.”

Just like the video below, Gody loves napping in the fridge

At the time the photos were taken, Gody was just 2 months old! “Because he’s a baby, like other small dogs, he likes to get himself dirty and sleep a lot. He also loves to eat fruits.”

This was the very first time that the puppy had eaten dragon fruit. “I found that very interesting so I took photos of him,” the owner said.

Gody the corgi has his very own Facebook page where his owner documents his adventures

It’s not the first time or last the dog pretended to be dead. So dramatic!

Gody and his big family are ADORABLE! See the video below of the corgis bundling on their owner.

Gody has over 100k followers on Facebook

Gody and his owner live in Vietnam and Gody even has his own Facebook page. More than 100k people follow Gody’s adorable adventures. It’s obvious that people love Gody’s shenanigans!

A lot of people did say that they were shocked initially when they saw pictures of Gody. They only calmed down when they saw that in fact the dog was up, about, full of energy, and just a mischievous doggo.

This Corgi just loooves watermelons

Image credits: Candy The Corgi Official

Corgis are very strong-willed, this means they can be difficult to train. So if you want to train it to not eat all of your food, you have to train it well. This involves acting as a true leader around the pup.

Corgis are known to be pack animals, so make sure to establish and maintain dominance or else they will walk all over you. They will constantly test you and push the limits to see what they can get away with. So owners should always establish clear boundaries and rules from the beginning.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!