Cop Shares Umbrella With Stray Dogs During Heavy Rainstorm

It meant the world to them ❤️️

The streets of Kolkata, India can become flooded by heavy rainfall, which leaves both humans and animals in search of a safe place to shelter.

During a recent storm, Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal decided to help those who were in need.

Mandal was keeping an eye on traffic at a busy intersection when he made some unexpected friends.

Two soaking wet stray dogs flocked to shelter under his umbrella as he continued to direct traffic in the middle of the street.

A member of the public captured a photo of this act of kindness, which touched the hearts of people on social media from all over the world.

The dogs’ faces say it all!

There are an estimated 35-40 million stray dogs in India – one of the highest rates around the globe – so there is a lot left to do to help these animals.

The Kolkata police do their best to help wherever they can when there is a dog in need of reducing or simply a safe place to rest.

We are sure these two street dogs were grateful for the moment of respite.

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Written by Alice Joan