Giant Condor Bird Regularly Visits Man Who Rescued Her As A Chick With Hug

This is the touching moment between a condor bird and the man who rescued it when it was only a baby chick.

Captured in a heart-warming video, you can see that the large bird clearly did not forget its rescuer as the pair come together in a huge embrace.

The condor, which North America’s largest bird, fell out of its nest one day.

Luckily Edgardo was walking by and decided to rescued it, he looked after it himself, taught it to fly and eventually return to normal.

When he saw the condor again, he said: 'Hi, how are you, you crazy thing, how do you do? What a beauty you are'

In the video, the condor walks up to Edgardo and nuzzles him affectionately, as if going in for a hug.

Edgardo then says: ‘Hi, how are you, you crazy thing, how do you do? What a beauty you are.’

The man in the video, Edgardo, rescued the condor when it fell from its nest as a baby

Apparently, Edgardo felt sorry for the chick he found all alone on the ground so decided to look after it.

‘And that was the beginning of the friendship.’

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Written by Joe Kahlo

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