Adorably Tiny Rescue Dog Wraps Arms Around Best Friend As They Cuddle Up Together

An adorable video shows two well-trained rescue dogs cuddling up for the camera.

One day, on an autumnal walk in Hamburg, Germany, a Pomeranian-mix pup, named Knut, is seen covered in a white blanket among the brown leaves.

He puts his small paws around Pauli, the sausage dog while his human momma Antonia snaps an adorable picture of them together.

Photographs show the white dog carrying a soft cotton blanket in his teeth before letting go and snuggling up to his canine friend.

Knut and the short-haired Dachshund snuggle up together as they prepare for their close-up.

Knut’s 56,300 Instagram followers were treated to a brief video with the caption: ‘Baby it’s cold outside.’

Here’s the adorable video:

Knut, a Pomeranian-Pomeranian mix, is shown in this video strolling through the woods amid an October covering of brown leaves.

DNA testing revealed that Knut was a Pomeranian-Toy Poodle-Pekinese-Mix when he was adopted at four months old by Antonia.

When he was just a few days old, the golden pup was saved from a shed in Cyprus where he was living with more than 40 other dogs.

Originally from Hungary, Pauli was born in August 2018 and was taken in by Sylvia, Antonia’s mother, after being rescued.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!