10+ Of The Cutest Maine Coon Kittens – The Gentle Giants, Waiting To Grow Up

Everybody, meet the Maine coons, a unique breed of domestic house cat that have been dubbed ‘gentle giants’.

Although this giants breeding history of origin is unknown, it’s most likely its ancestors came with the ships of 11th-century Norsemen.

In our opinion, these fluffy giants are the most majestic breed of cat around. With their stunning fluffy coats and amazing character traits. It’s difficult not to agree.

We have compiled, our top 10 favourite photos of them for you to enjoy:

1. A mini snow tiger

2. So… what to destroy next?

What makes them so cute, is when they are kittens, they are the same size as any other domestic kitty, but when fully grown, they turn into exceptional giants.

3. A litter of 9-week-old Maine coon kittens are waiting to be checked by the vet.

4. Maine Coon kitten Nana

They can weigh up to 8.2kg fully grown and can reach a length of 120cm, which’s enormous for a house cat!

5. A whole bunch of cuteness

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6. Is it a statue?

They have been dubbed “dogs of the cat world,” not only due to their extraordinary size, but also because they are loyal to their owners and can be wary of strange visitors in their home.

7. It’s hard to believe one of these giants looked like this as a kitty.

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8. Well, aren’t you the photogenic type?

Having a Maine Coon at home does mean you will have some responsibilities. But these beautiful cats will surely give their owners an amazing time every day!

9. Say cheese!

10. A ginger kitty

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Joe Kahlo

Written by Joe Kahlo

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