Two-Legged Stray Mother Cares For Her Homeless Family Of Puppies

This is the moment when a two-legged stray dog gives birth to her very own litter of four-legged puppies

Cute: Balancing on just her forelegs, Shi Bao nuzzles her puppies lovingly as she takes them for a walk in the area around Datong train station

She was one of many strays known around the local area and was well known after tragically losing her legs to a speeding train a few years prior.

Loving mother: The stray, which was named Si Bao by an owner who later abandoned her, gave birth to four healthy puppies near Kouguan railway in Shanxi Province

The stray, named Shi Bao, is seen lovingly nuzzling her puppies while taking them for a walk, balancing only on her front legs.

New world: China has an estimated 130 million stray dogs - many them victims of a growing urbanisation that has seen millions of people move into high-rise buildings with little room for pets

A year after the original MailOnline article came out about Shi Bao, she and her family were rescued by a British Charity!

Tough: Shi Bao was made one of the city's many strays after her owner moved out of the neighbourhood and decided not to take her with him. She became well known locally when she lost her two rear legs after being hit by a speeding train two years ago

In an outstanding reversal of fortune, the stray who once was left to scavenge for any scraps it could for her family now has a new life in Hong Kong.

Resilient: It's a tough life on the street for many of China's stray dogs. As well as extermination campaigns in many cities, there is also the risk of abuse by the public

She will now be the star of an animal cruelty campaign across Asia, one of the perks of this new role will be a new pair of wheels for her to move around on.

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Written by Joe Kahlo