Meet The Great Eared Nightjar – The Bird Proving Tiny Fluffy Dragons Really Do Exist (8 Pics)

We have all wished some of our favorite mythical creatures were real, and I bet a lot of us wished dragons especially would exist.

Well, lucky for us, we may not have flying fire-breathing dragons, but we do have the great eared nightjar!


The great eared nightjar AKA the mini dragon can be found in the darkness of the Southeast Asian tropical forest.

🔥 The great eared nightjar, looks like a little dragon <3 :  r/NatureIsFuckingLit

They are nocturnal creatures and prefer to roam the forest in darkness, perfectly blending with their surroundings.


There is something special about their camouflage, perfectly blending with the leaves of the tropical forest.

great eared nightjar

They make their nests on the forest floor, well camouflages by a litter of dry leaves.

great eared nightjar

You could easily mistake one of these fluffy little dragons for a character from Harry Potter, or Game of Thrones, but they are in fact birds.

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The great eared nightjar is truly a one-of-a-kind bird and looks like no other we have ever seen.

The Great Eared Nightjar Spotted: Rare Bird Species Found In Assam's  Kakopathar

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Written by Joe Kahlo