Woman Uses Tortillas To Coax Freezing Stray Dog Into Car (Video)

A dog was rescued out of the freezing cold in West San Antonio, Texas after a woman pulled over and lured him into her car using tortillas.

Kristin Salinas had gone out to buy tortillas when she saw the poor dog out in the snow. She decided to pull her car over and get the stray in the car but the dog was too scared. So she had the bright idea to use the tortillas she had just bought to help.

She was eventually able to lure the dog in the back seat after placing multiple pieces of tortilla on her back seat. All the while she was on the phone to her partner who encouraged to bring the dog back home.

“As soon as we see a stray, either if it’s a dog or a cat, we bring it in and try to adopt it out,” Nicole, Kristin’s partner said. “So it was just another day, but we had never been through this snow like this, so we knew we needed to definitely bring this dog.”

Watch the interview:

So they eventually took him home and other than being cold and a bit scared, the huge pup seemed like he was in healthy condition. After feeding him some food and water, the couple nicknamed him “Taco” and since Nicole is a lead technician at a vet, they scanned him for microchips but couldn’t find one.

So they posted on Facebook about him in the hoped they find his owner.

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!