Woman Is Startled When She Comes Across A Floating Dog Head On The Street

During a run in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Amanda Grace Hutter spotted a dog doing what seemed to be a magic act.

“I had just crossed the road when I heard a ‘Yelp!’” Hutter told The Dodo. “This dog stuck its head out of its fence, [and] a man running past recoiled in surprise.”

The floaty dog head belonged to a fluffy Westie who was curious about what was going on in his neighborhood at the time. 

There was no hint that the dog wanted to be petted, so Hutter took a few shots and continued on her way.

“The sight of the dog sticking its head out of a fence made me laugh,” Hutter said. “The dog just looked around — it didn’t react to me.”

Despite running past that house several times, Hutter had never noticed the dog or the gaping hole in the fence. It wasn’t long after posting her Facebook pictures that she learned that the dog was well-known in her community.

“I think I used to walk by this dog every day in college,” Kelly Ren commented on Facebook. “He was one of my first ever Instagram photos!”

As far back as at least 2012, the dog has been peering out of his distinct peephole to keep an eye on his neighborhood. 

It seems as though he takes his duty as a neighborhood watchdog so seriously, that the pup isn’t interested in being petted or given treats.

Hutter hopes he shows up on her next run so she can cheer up.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!