Winners Of Comedy Wildlife Photography Award Show Animals At Their Funniest (10 Pics)

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are an opportunity to have a little chuckle at the same time as seeing some amazing wildlife.

Winner, Julian Rad

The photos are lighthearted and meant to be hilarious. This unusual competition is a combination of funny animal portraits and strong technical skills.

Alison Buttigieg
Bronze Runner-up, Oliver Dreike

Or a seal enjoying a giant belly laugh.

Julie Hunt

What about the baby hippo who is hilariously acting out because he it can’t seem to get the birds off its back.

Marc Mol

Confusion has also been a winner, for example, the deer who can’t seem to grasp the concept of camouflage.

Silver Runner-up, Liam Richardson

Its founder, Paul Joynson-Hicks, explains what inspired him to start the event.

“I often enter wildlife photography competitions but I love seeing the funny pictures. Strangely enough, they are harder to come by than you might think.”

Charlie Davidson

These photos are from the event’s first year (2015) and since then there have been many more entries, check them out here.

Mohammed Alnaser
Vuzuru Masuda

Graham McGeorge

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!