Tree-Hugging Tiger Wins 2020 Wildlife Photography Award

To photograph one of the rarest animals in the wild takes incredible skill, and a large chunk of luck.

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To photograph a tiger as she is embracing a tree, rubbing her scent into it the bark to mark her territory requires a higher degree of skill and luck.

But Sergey Gorshkov is skilled, patient photographer and this picture has won him the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award 2020.

“The lighting, the colors, the texture – it’s like an oil painting,” says Wildlife Photographer of the year judge Roz Kidman-Cox.

The photo was taken at the Land of the Leopard National Park, in the far east of Russia.

The pose by Mogens Trolle

The picture of a young male proboscis monkey was shot at the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Malaysia.

Hid beautiful nose will get even bigger as grows into a fully grown male. The louder the sound he is able to make, the higher his status in the group.

Life in the balance by Jaime Culebras

This beautiful tree frog is trying to eat a spider during a heavy rainstorm in Ecuador’s Manduriacu Reserve.

A tale of two wasps by Frank Deschandol

The red-banded sand wasp (left) and the cuckoo wasp neighbors and are each going to their own next to lay/look after their eggs. Normandy, northern France.

The golden moment by Songda Cai

This color changing squid was captured in the dark depths of the ocean. Special organs in its diamondback squid’s skin have pigment that allow the animal to change color.

When mother says run by Shanyuan Li

This photo took six years to capture as a litter of Pallas’s cats come out to play while the parents are on the lookout.

They spot a Tibetan fox is spotted and quickly try to get their kittens inside the burrow.

These pictures are beautiful. We strongly encourage you to see the full collection of pictures yourself here.

Written by Bari Holland