Tiniest Ever Drug-Detection Dog Is Trying To Do The Best Job He Can

Look out everyone, there’s a new drug sniffer dog in town, and he’s absolutely tiny!


The tiny law enforcement Chihuahua was doing the rounds at an airport in Colombia, sniffing out any criminals while also putting a smile on their faces.

Agata Fornosa spotted the little pup while she was passing through the airport one day, and he seemed like he was certainly up for the job.

“Standing next to them was a little dog who began to sniff all the suitcases,” said Fornasa to The Dodo.

“The girls from the duty-free shop told me that his name was Chiqui and that he worked as a drug dog. I thought it was beautiful, so I filmed it.”

Check out this video of the little pup at work:

Although Fornasa didn’t witness him sniffing out any drug traffickers that day, Chiqui definitely got his fair share of adoring glances and smiles from passengers passing by.

“Everyone who saw him smiled. He was very focused on his work. So handsome.”

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Written by Alice Joan