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This Island Is Full Of Friendly Wolves And You Can Visit It

Have you ever wondered how soft a wolf’s fur is, what it’s like to take them for a walk or hear them howl up close?

If you answered yes, The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary is the place for you!

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This special island lets you take part in a 2-hour Wolf Encounter Experience.


Located in Anacortes, in Washington near Seattle and right next to Vancouver past the Canadian border.

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These giant puppies are incredibly friendly, and they only wear collars when they pose for photos.

You can get up close and stroke their super soft fur! These wolves won’t eat you.

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They only keeps animals that “find themselves without a place to live out their lives”

Professor Wynne from Arizona State University, tells Bored Panda that, unsurprisingly, wolves aren’t usually as friendly as the ones you find in the sanctuary. Much like dogs, these wild animals can be skillfully raised to be friendly towards humans.

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“People should always do some due diligence before taking a sanctuary’s word for it that their animals are harmless,” said the professor.

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Is the grey wolf population in danger at present?

Wynne says that “wolves do OK in parts of the world where the human population is very sparse: places like Canada, Alaska, and Siberia. But in most parts of the globe with a significant human population, wolves are in a difficult situation and will need continuous protection from and by people.”

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During the encounter, you are guided by an expert tour guide at a cost of $200.

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The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary is also a home to a host of other animals, including birds…

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And even sloths!

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The sanctuary opened in 1998 and encompasses 10 acres for the animals to roam.

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“Our goal is to educate children about wildlife, not only to teach the facts about the animals but to use an approach that leads to an appreciation, affection, compassion and respect for these living creatures—to make it clear that an animal’s value is not determined by its similarity or services to humans,”

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‘Our purpose is to develop caring and concern for the animals. Our aim is to help open the eyes of their hearts to see that all nature is interconnected and realize that apart from it we cannot survive.’

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‘We also serve as a sanctuary for animals that cannot be reintroduced to the wild and need a safe and healthy environment to live out the remainder of their lives.’

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Written by Alice Joan