Video Captures Adorable Puppy Watching Rain With Legs Crossed

Dogs can teach us so many simple lessons 💙

Dogs teach us to be loyal, playful, energetic and, in the case of this pooch, to slow down and embrace the moment.

A sweet little brown and white dog was caught on camera by its human whilst quietly resting and watching the rain.

To up the cuteness level even more, the little pup even had its legs crossed 🥺 👉 👈.

Watch the video:

Most of us would run for shelter and curse the rain, however, our furry friend reminds us that we should take time to sit, pause and marvel at mother nature.

His owner says he does this all the time!

The video has been watched by people all around the world. One person said, ”It’s the simple things in life, such a cute little dog, love the way his little legs are crossed💕”.

Another added, “This little dog has got it so right. Enjoy the simple things in life the things most of us let pass by. Like everyone else I love the crossed legs so relaxed.”

Be more dog.

Written by Alice Joan