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The Enchanting Cremello Horse

Enchanting and unusual at the same time with a pinch of majestic, the Cremello horse has it all.

With its sleek cream color, white mane and tail it really looks like the stallion out of the Disney movies.

This special horse also has blue eyes and pink skin, which really adds to its unique fairytale allure.

Cremello horses are actually any breed of horse, that has had a genetic mutation from the dam and sire (mum and dad).

The base color of the Cremello horse is actually red or chestnut, but two cream dilution genes (double diluted) are responsible for this unique color.

Interestingly Cremello’s aren’t albino, as many people seem to make a mistake of due to their appearance.

Albino horses are born white with no pigment, Cremellos may appear white, but when compared to a white horse they are an obvious cream color.

Cremello foals are also born with blue eyes and of a darker color and fade to the light cream.

Horse for Sale | Cremello Piro Free 4YO Lusitano Stallion (REF#417) -  YouTube

Close to the Cremello color, we have Perlino horses which share the unique trait of a cream colored coat.

The difference is they have a darker mane and tail than their coat color.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!