Sweet Stray Dog Tried To Steal This Fluffy Unicorn 5 Times From A Shop

It’s hard being a stray, but Sisu, the stray pup, figured out that having a stuffed fuzzy purple unicorn with him might make everything a bit less lonely.

Even if he had to steal it, Sisu was determined to get the stuffed animal at all costs.

Sisu attempted to steal the unicorn toy last week by breaking into a Dollar General five times in North Carolina.

But each time he attempted to take it, a store clerk would see him, remove the item, and put it back on the shelf.

When it became clear that Sisu would persist, the Dollar General employee requested assistance from Duplin County Animal Services.

Joe Newburn, the director of Duplin County Animal Services, told The Dodo, 

“We got a call from our communications center that [Sisu] was at a Dollar General going in and taking a unicorn, and he’d done this five times,”

“So, finally, they had to lock the door and not let him in. When my officer got there and found out he wanted the unicorn really bad, she purchased it.”

Samantha Lane, an animal control officer, felt it was only right to purchase the toy.

“She was just buying the unicorn because that’s what she does,” Newburn said. “Every animal she comes in contact with, she does that for.”

Nobody knows why Sisu is so fixated on the unicorn, but they suspect that he could relate it to his old home. The one-year-old puppy is refusing to give up his new toy now that he has it.

“He’s always with that thing,” Newburn said. “The only time he doesn’t mess with it is when it gets dirty. But once you wash it and clean it up, it’s back to being his buddy again.”

The Lab Rescue of North Carolina will assist Sisu with his aggressiveness issues against other male dogs when they are traveling with his unicorn. 

Once they give him approval, he will move into his permanent residence.

“He’s a real good dog,” Newburn said. “He likes to play and he’s very smart. He sits, stays, shakes hands. He’s very well mannered.”

And whoever is fortunate enough to adopt Sisu will receive the value of two closest friends.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!