Sweet Dog Takes On Role Of Mom To 3 Orphaned Newborn Ducklings

An adorable golden retriever named ‘The Dude’ with a big heart is playing ‘mom’ to three tiny newborn ducklings.


The ducklings named Frances, Marge and Dot, were introduced to The Dude when they were just newborns.

In the first meet, The Dude was unsure how to react, he just stuck his nose in the ducks box and began to sniff around until he made sense of these new creatures.

He quickly realized they were just little babies who were in need of a parental figure to give them the love and care they were missing.


So he decided to fill that role himself and became a mom and a dad to these newborn ducklings.

The ducklings were anxious around The Dude to begin with, which is understandable. But once they discovered his soft fur that they can use to nap on all day, he became an instant hit.


They followed him around everywhere he went, they do everything together and he even helped them to learn to swim.

Some time later, the ducklings become grown ducks, but the relationship dynamic didn’t change.


They still spend their days play-fighting and cuddling each other, the love is all still there!

See the full story in the video below:

What a beautiful story!

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!