Stubborn Stray Dog Jumps Into A Truck And Refuses To Leave Until He Was Adopted

loving and loyal dogs

Stray dogs are some of the most loving and loyal dogs that you may come across, and they find any opportunity to gain a new family an exciting gain in their lives.

Dogs feel loneliness so when they have to chance to show a person how much love they are capable of having for them, they will not hold back on showing their love and affection.

When this ‘love heart eyed’ pit bull had the chance to do so, he took the opportunity that he had.

The pit bull took the chance to climb into an empty truck, where he felt safe and secure, to which he presumed that the truck belonged to a family and did not hesitate to invite himself into the seats and refuse to leave until they took him in.

When the owners of the truck, Emily and Garrett, returned from their yoga class they were utterly surprised to find this four-legged friend laid in their vehicle. The pair were left confused as to how the dog could have climbed in, but it was certain that he had no intention of moving – even though seeming extremely affectionate.

“This pit bull just jumped into the car. Hey, what are you doing there,” Emily said as she recorded the scene with her phone.

In the video, you can see how the couple tries for a period of two hours to get the pit bull out without success.

He was even offered food and called to eat outside of the car, but he seemed adamant to stay put. They made sure to keep him hydrated and fed him, while they thought about what to do with him.

With the dog refusing, there was no other option that to pack up and leave with the dog still in the car.

Buddy refusing to leave Emily and Garette’s car.

The idea at first was for everyone to leave the car and try to find out where the dog had came from, and return him to his rightful family. However, after much searching no one claimed the poor pit bull.

Although they were not looking for a dog, somehow paths crossed and that path brought Buddy into their lives – who from that moment on completed the family.

Finding each other unintentionally, Buddy changed their lives for the better!

Buddy and his new owner, Garrett.

Emily and Garrett’s relationship with Buddy has became stronger since he hopped into their car and they are now very close.

It just shows that sometimes the best things can come when life least expects them

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Written by Hannah Conway