Stray Kitten Came Back to Man Who Was Kind to Him And Decided to Stay

Meet Michael Day, a talented artist and self-confessed animal lover from Chicago. Michael often rescues poor animals and helps them to find permanent forever homes.

Here’s the story of how Michael met his new ginger fluff-ball:

One day, Michael was sat outside his home working on his spray paint art when he spotted a little stray fur ball sitting on the garden blocks, watching him curiously.

He has experience in rescuing stray cats and dogs from around his neighborhood, although this was the first time he was ever approached by an ‘alley cat’.

“I figured he wanted some food and water so I gave him both. We had a cat so we had extra food,” Michael said.

So Michael went on and continued painting and let the kitty enjoy his meal. When he looked back up, the kitten was already gone, nowhere to be found.

He couldn’t stop thinking about the stray kitty so he decided to leave some food and water outside that night.

The following evening, Michael, while continuing his artwork was surprised when he heard a little “meow” and saw that ginger kitten came back to him.

He walked straight up to Michael and gave him cuddles.

“He came right up to me, let me pick him up and hold him. He even sat on my shoulder, that was when I knew he chose me.”

Michael and his family decided to adopt the adorable kitty and named him Oliver Gibbs Malley (aka O’Malley).

That night, the little ginger furball was so happy and couldn’t stop cuddling with his new adopted parents at his new home.

The kitten was estimated to be three months old by the vet and despite being tiny, he was healthy and very playful.

“He’s so curious and investigative. If you leave something open, he’ll try to get into it,” Michael added.

“He’s been the most rambunctious thing, running through the house, jumping on everything.”.

It warms our hearts to know that this little ginger kitty managed to find his forever home and the loving owner that he deserves.

“He’s a good boy, and I wouldn’t ask for a different pet,” Michael said.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!