Stray Cat Comes Back to Find Her Kittens Who Were Taken And Brought To The Shelter

One day, four young kittens were brought to a shelter all on their own. Thankfully though, their momma came back to find them.

Alissa Smith is co-founder of Wrenn Rescues and was initially contacted about four 10-day old kittens who were in need of rescuing.

“There were only 15 minutes left, and no one else was able to take them but thankfully, the networking group got them out safely, and a wonderful woman named CJ transported them all the way out to Ventura County, California to us,” Alissa told Love Meow.

The four kitties were found in someone’s yard with their mother, but she quickly escaped.

“The kittens were very obviously well taken care of by their cat mama. When orphaned kittens land into the shelter, they don’t usually see their mama again,” said Alissa. “Another important reason to leave kittens where they are found (and wait for the mom), instead of taking them to the shelter.”

Ashley and Jenifer from the shelter were completely prepared to hand-rear the kittens until they were weaned until something unexpected happened.

The people who dropped off the kittens in the first place went home to find the momma cat looking for her babies.

They were able to catch her and bring her in, and she was reunited with her beloved kittens the very next day.

Initially, the momma was pretty shy and wary so she refused to come out of her carrier box until Ashley took over one of her babies.

“I held a baby up to her and she visibly calmed down. We coaxed her out of the carrier with it,” Ashley said. “She went right over and curled up in the middle of her kittens, purring. They all went right to her, and started nursing.”

Shortly after, the momma cat was purring loudly while she was feeding her little furballs.

“I don’t think we have ever seen something so heartwarming,” Alissa told Love Meow. “So unbelievable that this miracle occurred. To say that the reunion went well is an understatement.”

Check out the happy purring momma and her kittens below:

“As neonatal kitten foster parents, we do everything under the sun to make our fosters happy, comfortable and content.”

“Nothing we can do compares to the blissful feeling of having a mama lying next to them,” Ashley said.

“She is a patient mom and her gratitude to be back with her kittens is palpable. These are the happiest and luckiest babies.”

Credit goes to Ashley: @bruceandfoxfosters

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!