Starving Baby Orangutan Left Crying In Chicken Cage Finally Receives Loving Care

This is the touching story of a 10-month-old baby orangutan who suffered severe neglect at the hands of his previous human, (don’t worry, there’s a happy ending!)

Budi the 10 month old orangutan who had been kept in a chicken cage and feed on condensed milk for the whole of his live. He is now safe and making a recovery at IBritish charity nternational Animal Rescue centre in Kentapang Borneo.

Budi is the most adorable baby orangutan and was kept locked in a chicken coop, only given condensed milk as food meaning he was deprived of nutrition.

Budi was found in an awful state at the time of his rescue, he was malnourished, weak, and sick.

His bones were not in the best alignment, and his rescuers from a British Animal Welfare charity claimed he wailed like a human baby when found.

His owners hadn’t given him the proper nutrition that every baby orangutan needs when they’re still developing. 

This led poor Budi to fall sick and encounter numerous problems with his health. 

However, the little champ is fighting hard to survive and is showing incredible spirit to recover.

He’s currently in the hospital, where funds are being donated for his treatment.

Budi isn’t in the best shape, but his doctors are confident that little Budi will be back to his original health with the right nutrition, therapy, and treatment. 

Orangutans are easy targets for hunters, so many fall victim to their attacks. This mainly includes female orangutans that are hunted.

When mommy orangutans get killed, their offspring are forcefully kept as pets and heavily ignored. 

Their negligent owners deprive them of food, don’t give them the right atmosphere to live in, and further deny them basic necessities that often lead to their slow and painful death.

However, luckily for Budi, this won’t be the case for him, as his medical team is confident he will be nursed back to health.  

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!