Shiba Inu Survived House Fire And Becomes Therapy Dog For Burn Victims

Taka is a 9-year-old Shiba Inu who is using his unfortunate experiences to help others bring light into their lives

He was terribly burnt when flames broke out at his home in Georgia back in 2018 but still managed to survive.

After spending some time at the Care More Animal Hospital, he managed to recover, not without being permanently disfigured though.

One of the veterinarians, Crystal Lesley, who treated him decided to adopt him, although she wasn’t sure if he would be a permanent member of her home yet.

This was because Taka was fighting with her other dogs when she brought him home. “I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep Taka and it was breaking my heart,” she told WRDW.

However, when Crystal introduced him to a new dog trainer, his behavior completely turned around for the good.

It was Mandy Foster from the Canine Training Project, she believes that it’s never too late for a dog to change.

“Sometimes it takes a little bit longer, but in Taka’s case he’s nine years old and he has flown through his training.”

“He’s brilliant. I knew that there were some problems, some challenges that were happening, and I wanted to get in there and help.”

Both Crystal and Mandy Teamed up together to help Taka get HIS Canine Good Citizen certificate so he can officially be a therapy dog.

He will be a great support animal reckons Crystal, especially considering he has been through such traumatic times himself.

“To see that he could be an encouragement or at least a light at the end of the tunnel for a child or anybody that has gone through what he’s gone through is what all of this is about.”

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Written by Joe Kahlo