Rescuers Save Baby Lion Who Had His Legs Broken To Take Pictures With Tourists

This story of a lion cub taken away from his mother to be used as a tourist attraction that finally has a happy ending!

Meet Simba, snatched from his mother when only a few months old, he was placed under inhumane conditions for people to enjoy.

He was tied up in a barn in Russia and forced to take pictures with tourists, he was beaten and his legs were broken so he couldn’t run away or put up a fight.

He was on the brink of death before rescuers stepped in to rescue him, rushed him to the vets to have surgery, and saved his life.

Even Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia condemned this horrific crime and personally ordered a criminal investigation to look into the issue.

After being rescued from such a dark place, Simba is now taking steps to recovery and is learning to trust humans again.

He also had to relearn a lot of basic tasks such as how to play, and even how to walk.

With a lot of love and patience, Simba slowly showed signs of returning to his usual self, and this is enough to melt your heart.

Karen Dallakyan is a vet from Russia, he has helped rescue hundreds of animals like Simba and nursed them back to health.

These animals range from tigers to birds and snakes to hedgehogs, no matter the species, he provides them all with food, shelter, and of course love.

Unfortunately, Simba is only one of many animals suffering the same ill fates, to help a cause, please consider donating to a rescue organization.

Simba is getting better and better by the day, and sure enough, will be back to his old self in no time!

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!