Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand

Little Dog

“Dogs are man’s best friend.” This saying never gets old, but not all dogs are the same, some need their personal space, where they can eat, sniff or sleep without interruption.

But Stanley is definitely not one of those dogs.

As a matter of fact, he was given a nickname by his human companion, ‘Velcro Dog.’

A year and a half ago, Sam Clarence, who was working as a volunteer dog walker at the time, adopted Stanley the dog from a bully breed rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since then, he has watched the frightened stray pup transform into what could be called a “Velcro dog.”

Nowadays, Stanley refuses to let go of his dad’s hand, considering they are always out on road trips, this seems far from convenient. “We have to be touching at all times,” Clarence said, “He’s very forceful about it.”

You can see this all happening in this adorable video

At the time of meeting Stanely, 6-month-old puppies were found living on an abandoned property with their momma. Clarence was then approached about looking after one of the dogs for a few weeks. But as soon as Clarence laid his eyes on a picture of Stanley, he knew the dog would be a “foster fail.

“He was terrified when we got home and it took him an hour to slowly come out of the car,” said Clarence. “Once he got out, I gave him a big bath, some food and a comfy bed in front of the fire.”

As Stanley adjusted to eating and drinking from a bowl, he bonded with his new dad. “As a pup, he would sleep with me on the bed and we could never not be touching,” Clarence said. “He would lay behind me and always have at least a paw touching my back; if I moved, he moved.”

Stanley is always at his human dad’s side and refuses to be far from him. Not only are they always near each other, but Stanley is also persistent in wanting them to be touching at all times!

“If I’m driving we have to be in contact or he will force it upon me,” Clarence explained. “If we are watching TV, same thing. I will get paws flying at me until I touch him. It’s just his quirk. If I’m not around he will do it to my housemate as well.”

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!