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Rare Pink Dolphins Return To Hong Kong Thanks To Coronavirus Lockdown

Rare Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins are making a comeback in the waters of Hong Kong.

Scientists say their numbers have increased in recent weeks thanks to a pause in high-speed ferry traffic as the pandemic slows transport in the area.

For years these rare, beautiful dolphins have avoided the Pearl River delta in Hong Kong, to stay clear of high-speed ferries that cut through the water daily.

Now researches believe the number of these pink and white dolphins in the area has increased by 30% in recent months, ever since boat traffic was suspended!

Drones have been dropped in the water to monitor activity, and they look to be healthy as actions such as socialising, playing in the water and sex were been observed.

According to WWF Honk Kong, there are about 2500 in the entire delta.

WWF has expressed concerns in the ‘worrisome decrease in the number of young dolphins’ in Hong Kong waters.

Chinese pink and white dolphins are particularly vulnerable to sewage and chemicals dumped in the harbour daily, overfishing, boat traffic and coastal development.

WWF Hong Kong has been advocating for the government to designate Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) so that these rare dolphins have safe feeding and socialising habitats.

Hopefully we see the population of these beautiful creatures continue to rise!

WATCH: Some dolphin video

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!


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