ULTRA RARE Black Leopard Spotted In Indian Nature Reserve

A super rare and beautiful black leopard was spotted by an engineering student during a safari trip in an Indian nature reserve.

The ultra-rare black leopard was spotted in an Indian reserve

The majestic big cat was spotted drinking from a pond and stalking its prey at Radoba Reserve last month.

The encounter has been described as ‘unique’ and ‘like finding a needle in a haystack’.

The student told LadBible that he 'went blank' after spotting the rare big cat

The animal’s unique dark coat is caused by melanism, the opposite of albinism which is when extra black pigments develop in the skin or hair because of a recessive genetic mutation. 

It is thought that melanism provides additional camouflage in these habitats which gives the predators an advantage when it comes to hunting. 

The rare black leopard was seen moving from underneath the overgrowth

There are only 2,000 black leopards in the wild with most found in Southeast Asia where tropical forests offer an abundance of shade.

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Written by Bari Holland