Puppy Dumped In The Woods With All His Belongings Gets Another Chance At Happiness

It is sad and heart wrecking to discover that people still abandon innocent pets in the most unusual places.

Hank, an innocent eight-month-old dog, was ditched in the woods with nothing but a rotten dog bed, a few old toys, and a bag of dog food that was impossible for him to open!

One can only imagine the different scenarios that could have driven his former owner to this point, but a glimpse of this lonely dog alone was an eyesore.

It was a blessed day in the end for Hank as one wonderful man with a good heart found him, but he wasn’t looking like a normal, healthy dog. 

After all, what’s a dog without the usual cheerful attitude and positive strides?

Instead, he sat still, unfazed by the unfamiliar face approaching him.

Who can blame the pitiful dog? Not after the long cold nights, he had spent there uncared for.

When the good samaritan saw him and knew he needed help, he immediately notified the local animal shelter!

The local animal shelter dispatched staff members to the scene to rescue Hank. They also reached out to Humans and Animals United for help.

When they got there, they noticed that he could die if they did not help Hank immediately. So, they immediately looked for a way to rescue him.

They were also worried that he might become aggressive during the time they were rescuing him, but they were surprised to find out that he was different from other puppies.

Hank was malnourished and weak, so he wasted no time finishing his food. And after being satisfied, he went to have the most blissful sleep after a long while!

Hank played joyfully and was excited because he finally got another chance to live a fulfilling and happy life permanently!

Written by Comfort