Whole Pride Of Lions Seek Refuge Up A Tree To Escape FLIES

Known as the ‘king of the jungle,’ these big cats are among the most fearsome creatures on this earth.

So it must’ve taken a worthy foe to force an entire pride of 15 lions to scamper up a tree, right?

Turns out, it wasn’t a herd of wildebeest that made them take cover, it was in fact, just a pesky swarm of flies.

In this incredible series of photos captured by Aussie photographer Bobby-Jo Clow, a whole lion pride are precariously perched on the branches of a tree.

Bobby-Jo stumbled across this scene in the central Serengeti in Tanzania after leading a safari.

The tree was packed full of the pride who were seeking shade and safety away from the pesky ground flies.

Bobby-Jo who is 32, said: “Our guide spotted the pride in the trees and luckily we were able to get close enough to the lions to create some unique images. We were close enough that we could hear their vocal interaction and also hear some of them snoring in the tree.”

“It was an incredible sight and was very comical at times as the lions appeared rather clumsy while moving and repositioning themselves.”

Check out this video showing one of the lions taking a peaceful nap:

But despite being around 15-feet off the ground, this particular lion still wasn’t happy as she still had flies around her head.

“Our guide told us that due to the recent rains, the grass was quite long and that lions climb trees to escape the insects that thrive there.”

The tree was a little getaway from real life for these lions.

Despite being the alpha male of the pride, this unfortunate feline was told to be on his way as he tried to join the women and children on the tree.

It seems like there is not enough room at the inn!

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!