Playful Baby Rhino Bounces And Skips Down The Road In Front Of Tourists

This is the adorable moment a newborn rhino runs ahead of his mother’s heavy footsteps, looking as lively as a spring lamb.

On a trip in the South African bush, safari tour operator Robyn Bamber, 23, snapped images of the child leaping and posing for the camera.

As his 1.8ton mother gazed on proudly, the 42kg calf leaped and kicked about before charging towards Miss Bamber and guests.

He got as near as 1.5 meters to the truck before turning around and retreating into the bush, snorting proudly at the surprised tourists.

Miss Bamber discovered the rhinos at the end of a half-day game drive safari in St Lucia, South Africa, for Heritage Tours & Safaris.

“At first sight the little rhino had me in awe, then shortly after scrambling for my camera. He had guests and myself all entertained and laughing.”

“The female rhino started to make her way up the road away from us with the little rhino racing ahead. Then, as if to say, “Mum watch this”, the little rhino came charging straight towards us.”

Many rhino species are endangered, and three are actually classified as critically endangered. This is mostly due to persistent poaching, especially for their horns.

Rhinos have two horns that may grow up to five feet long, with the front horn being significantly more prominent than the back. 

Males and females both utilize their horns as weapons, the former in courting conflicts and against predators, the latter to protect their offspring.

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Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!