Photographer Captures Proud Lion Standing Triumphantly on a Hill of Bones

A L.A based photographer named Simon Needham has captured the incredible moment when a proud male lion stood at the top of a hill of bones.

The atmospheric sky surrounds him while he surveys his long on top of a mountain of animal carcasses to make a very dramatic image.

Simon Needham was visiting the GG Conservation Wildlife Reserve in South Africa to help with the sanctuaries promotional content when he took this snap.

Credit: Simon Needham/Media Drum World

The 52-year-old photographer was standing only 30 feet away when he took the incredible snaps, he recalls being ‘in awe of the lion king.’

“I’d been invited by GG Conservation to generate some marketing content for them. At their location they have a bone yard where all the animal carcasses are taken once the lion’s finish eating.”

“One morning, I decided to hang there and was lucky enough to catch one large male lion as he stood on top of the bone hill overlooking his land.”

Credit: Simon Needham/Media Drum World

“He only stood there for a minute or so, but I was lucky enough to get a few shots before he moved on.”

“It was a very exciting moment and one I could have only dreamed of prior to going there that morning.”

Credit: Simon Needham/Media Drum World

“I see people interpreting the image in many ways, but I see it as the proud lion king surveying his land.”

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!