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Photographer Captures Acrobatic Birds Mid-Flight

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While in lockdown at his home in the United Kingdom, photographer Mark Harvey was forced to capture creators closer to home.

Harvey wanted to bring out the previously unseen dramatic moments in the everyday lives of common birds.

His new collection ‘In Flight‘ features magpies, blue tits, starlings, goldfinches, great tits, coal tits, long-tailed tits, and green finches.

The skill required to capture these birds in free flight is immense. These common birds are seen in a way never seen before.

What is most striking about these images is that they show these common birds in a way never seen before.

Harvey is renowned for his ability to bring out dramatic photographs in the stillness of horses and dogs.

He manages to bring out these striking images out with his masterful use of lighting, details and study of animals. See his work here.

But his new photography project required a completely different approach, as these wild birds will not stand still.

Harvey is ecstatic with the attention his photography is going.

In a statement he said, “I still can’t believe how much attention this is getting. By the way, we do a little happy dance when someone orders a print!”

To buy the prints you can visit the photographer’s website here, or to follow his incredible Instagram.

This is not the first incredible photography that has come to light this year.

Check out the rainbows caught in the wings of hummingbirds. Photographer Captures Stunning Rainbow In Hummingbirds’ Wings.

Written by Bari Holland