Pet Owner Creates Dog Sized Holes In Fence So Her Labradors Can Watch Passersby

Anyone fortunate enough ever to have a pup knows the heart-warming welcome home you receive from your beloved pet is second to none.

Although the excitement can get a tad too much, there’s usually a lot of barking, jumping around and attempts to get over walls and gates in a desperate bid to welcome you.

One genius dog owner has come up with the perfect solution for greeting her two beloved pups when she gets home from work. Without even having to open the front door first.

Check it out here:

TikTok user ‘liltroubless’ shared the cute video, showing the two excitable pups poking their wide-eyed happy faces through the two dog-sized holes in the fence she had cut out previously.

The cleverly cut holes allow the happy labs to be able to see through the fence at who would be greeting them on the other side without the need for them to climb over the fence.

The video is adorably captioned, ‘mommy is home.’

With no surprise, the video went viral and many netizens were just in awe at the simple yet effective hack.

‘Smartest thing ever. You can see but you can’t bark,’ one TikTok user wrote, while a second wrote, ‘Imagine you have a bad day and then you go home to that.’

Another suggested spotting the dogs through the holes was ‘kind of creepy,’ but ‘adorable at the same time.’

Written by Joe Kahlo

After years of writing in the financial industry, Joe was finally able to focus his writing on what he loves, Animals!