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Orphaned Otter Joey Gleefully Chomps On Some Ice Cubes at Canadian Rescue Centre

Joey was taken in by the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Canada when he was only a newborn!

As he is an orphan, he’s now learning how to be an otter at the Vancouver aquarium.

This ADORABLE video that has surfaced showing Joey the otter chomping on some ice cubes is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

‘Joey measures his riches in clams… and ICE CUBES, of course. He can’t get enough of it… and it’s ALL HIS!’

The adorable four-month-old male sea otter named Joey isn’t just playing up to the camera either.  

The orphaned animal has discovered that chomping on ice cubes is actually very good for his teeth.

Baby Sea Otter Joey Live from his Nursery - YouTube

The youngster was found at just ten days old near the body of his dead mother, luckily a resident of the area heard his cries.

As a result, Joey was taken in as a newborn to the Ocean Wise Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and then placed in the care of their sister organisation at the Vancouver Aquarium, where he now lives. 

Joey is developing normally, with good otter instincts thanks to the experienced staff working with him.

Joey has a huge following of devoted viewers across the globe who tune in to watch his daily shenanigans.

His antics are said to have brought comfort and entertainment to thousands of people around the world, especially amidst the current Pandemic.

Written by Bari Holland