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Orphaned Elephants Always Line Up To Hug Woman Who Saved Their Lives

Unfortunately, more and more African elephants are being hunted every year because of their tusks.

So when we hear a story of these animals being saved, it makes it even more touching.

Dozens of baby elephants are being cared for at the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya.

A dedicated team of conservationists is raising them due to the sad fact that their family members have already been poached for their ivory.

One lady, in particular, has put in over 40 years, in other words, devoted her life to rescuing the orphaned animals, she is Dame Daphne Sheldrick.

This great lady is the first person to have perfected the milk formula that actually mimics the mother elephants milk so that she can feed the poor orphaned elephants.

Hundreds of animals, in particular, elephants got a second chance of survival thanks to this woman. Over the years she has hand-reared newborn elephants successfully, helping them to return to the wild.

Dame Daphne says that the orphaned elephants have not only inspired her pioneering conservation work through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, but they also have taught her so much about living.

“Elephants have taught me how to put the bad things behind turn the page and get on with living,” she said. “Understanding the traumas that elephants have to put up with and how they cope with it has made me a stronger person.”


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Joe Kahlo

Written by Joe Kahlo

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