Husky Gives Adorable Kiss To Firefighter As Thanks For Rescuing Him

Dogs are incredibly adventurous creatures. With that in mind, their curiosity gets the better of them sometimes and puts them in some tricky situations.

A Husky who was saved from a tight spot was so happy that he couldn’t hold back kissing his newfound friend, a fireman.

The clever husky managed to squeeze himself through an open window on his home’s upper level and out onto the rooftop.

However, even though the dog himself didn’t seem too worried about the situation, one concerned neighbor called the fire department and stayed below the pup until they arrived.

The Video captured of the rescue shows how the pup was more interested in befriending the captain than getting down from his lookout:

“Wells Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel was able to save this beautiful dog who managed to get out onto his roof and got stuck”

In the video, Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department made his way onto the roof to recuse the dog. Whilst he worked to remove the window safely and transfer him back inside, it was clear that the pup was not interested in going back inside.

Since the husky was refusing to go back through the window, he decided to take a seat by the firefighter as he worked.

The pup realised that Captain Jeff was there to save him and gave him a big kiss to thank him for his efforts!

Thankfully, the dog was unharmed after his adventure onto to the roof.

“Thank you kisses to Captain Nawfel! It’s pawsatively love! Is there anything more stunning than an animal expressing gratitude?!” – The Wells Maine Police wrote on their Facebook page.

Written by Hannah Conway