Missing Dog Smiles For The First Time When Reuniting With His Dad After 3 Years.

Missing Dog Smiles For The First Time

Every reunion is priceless, no matter what the circumstance. Nothing is better than seeing our loved ones again, especially when we thought we lost them forever.

The dog in this story is a lucky one.

Missing Dog Smiles

Roscoe, pictured below, had wandered off from home 3 years before and made his home on the streets – deepening on the kindness of neighbours to feed him.

Missing Dog Smiles

Poor Roscoe was then brought to the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter. But Roscoe kept very sub-dude, he never smiled, never wagged his tail – no matter how many treats he was tempted with.

He missed his home so bad; missing an important part in his life.

“The entire time he was here he was very timid, very reserved … it was like he didn’t have a personality. He wasn’t acting like a dog.”

Tammy Davis – Director of Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter.

The Shelter staff did not give up to try and make Roscoe happy. Photos of Roscoe and his story was posted on their Social Media pages, where the shelter was hoping to find him a loving family.

This small act changed Roscoe’s life forever.

Missing Dog Smiles

The shelter soon received a message on their Facebook from a man read: “I think that’s my dog, and he’s been missing for three years.”

At the beginning, David was skeptical. But after the man immediately sent her a picture of Roscoe and his distinctive markings, she let him come to visit Roscoe.

Missing Dog Smiles Again Looking At Owner

He was curious about whether the dog could recognise the man or not.

Missing Dog Smiles Again

“The rest of us backed away and let the gentleman in there with Roscoe, and it was just amazing,” Davis said. “It was like something clicked and he was like, ‘This is my person, my daddy.”

Roscoe had finally found his dad.

Roscoe was shocked for a few seconds then he kept wagging his tail, jumping up, and going around his dad. So it was obvious that this was his owner, it just took him a few minutes to realize who it was, and then he knew instantly.

Playful Missing Dog Smiles Upon Reunion

The timid and reserved missing dog smiles for the very first time after separating from his dad. A much-needed smile that ends his sad boring days of getting lost.

Roscoe can eventually come back to his home, reuniting with his dad after 3 long years of waiting to be in his loving company again.

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Written by Hannah Conway