Meet The Vermillion Flycatcher – The Tiny, Chubby, Scarlet Red Bird


This little feathered ember is one of the most spectacular birds found in its region

Found in the desert areas of the Americas, this bird sports a bright red crown and underparts and black-ish mask.

This bird’s genus name is Pyrocephalus, which literally translates to ‘fire-headed.’

The Vermillion Flycatcher does precisely what its name says, it catches flying insects from perches on shrub tops and fences.

You can often spot these birds in insect-rich places like the edges of wetlands.

There are overall 12 subspecies of the Vermilion Flycatcher found across America, they range from bright red to gray-brown overall.

During the males courtship, they will often bring gifts such as a butterfly or other ornate insect.


The male of the species is known for its high, fluttering display in the air as well as its twittering song.

The oldest ever recorded Vermillion Flycatcher was 4 and a half years old, found in Mexico.

The birds are prone to wander and have been spotted as far north as Minnesota.


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Written by Joe Kahlo

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