Meet The Stunning Strawberry Finch, With Its Bright Scarlet Plumage And White Spots (30 pics)

There is an endless number of amazing species of bird available in nature. They never cease to amaze with the wide range of colors, sizes and unique characteristics.

Meet the strawberry finch, also known as the red avadat or red munia.

These small sparrow-sized birds are recognized easily by their bright scarlet plumage and tiny white dots that cover their body.

M8DNTW Tijgervink op takje; Red Avadavat on branch

They are found all around tropical Asia and prefer living in open fields, jungle clearings, meadows and grasslands.

Shantanu Kuveskar

Strawberry finches thrive in tropical temperatures and are prone to losing their stunning plumage intensity in cooler and drier environments.


Males and females of the species are quite different in their appearance, as is common in birds.

Kishore Bhargava

Males have a deep red crown with white streaks under their eyes. The sides of their heads are scarlet while their tail and wings are covered in white spots.

Shantanu Kuveskar

Whereas females have a dark brown crown back and tail and much less white spots on their backs.

Tareq Uddin Ahmed

Both male and females appearance turns duller in winter when breeding season is over.

Aaron Maizlish

Young strawberry finches look particularly dull and are grayish-brown all over.

This standout color is essential for attracting a mate.

Ajit Pendse

Strawberry finches have their very own mating dance.

Dr. Raju Kasambe

It starts with the male carrying a grass stem/feather in its mouth and bowing down with their feathers upright.

Harvinder Chandigarh

These birds typically live in flocks of 100 strong of the same species.


However, they do separate from their group after a successful pairing so they can build nests.

Santanu Sen

These unique song birds stretch to a tiny 3 to 4 inches long.

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