Meet The Silver Diamond Firetail – The Bird Who Looks Like A Real Life Angel (8 pics)

Have you seen a more beautifully angelic bird?

This bird is a rare variety of the native Australian finch.

With angelic white wings and flaming feathers spilling from beneath.


These birds are a pearlescent variant of the diamond firetail, which look equally stunning.

Endemic to Australia, it is near impossible to ignore this feathery friend, not just because of its eye-catching plumage, but because they aren’t exactly quiet!

These birds have a earnt a reputation for being extremely socialable.

These old romantics form strong bonds with their mates and stay together for their entire lives.

When it isn’t the mating season, they come together in groups of 30 plus.  

They are tricky to track down, but if you do find one it is likely to be near water.

Written by Alice Joan