Meet The Red-Shanked Douc – The Most Colorful Primate Ever (10 Pics)


The Red-shanked Douc is one of the brightest colored monkeys around, with its vibrant orangey-yellow face and reddish-brown legs.

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Even their tails are unique, they are long and white and have a specific white fur triangle around the bottom.

🔥 A red-shanked douc langur at the Endangered Primate Rescue Center.  Nearly all of Vietnam's primates are at risk. : NatureIsFuckingLit

They also sport white whiskers and forearms, the rest of their body is black and grey.

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They grow around 2 feet tall with their tails alone reaching 2.5 feet. They weigh around 18-26lbs.

The Rare Red-Shanked Douc also known as The Zen Monkey | Animals, Animals  beautiful, Animals wild

Their name ‘Red-Shanked Douc’ comes from the Vietnamese language and means ‘Five-Colored Macaque.’

More effort needed to protect red-shanked douc langurs - Da Nang Today -  News - eNewspaper

These unique apes are rarely seen on the ground, you can find them among the treetops, usually in a social group.

Red-Shanked Douc Langur – Endangered Primate Rescue Center

Their diet consists of leaves, flowers, buds, seeds and fruit.

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They are native to certain parts of Asia and can be found between Vietnam and Cambodia.

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Habitat loss is a large threat for this unique species, their home is being lost due to excessive logging.

Red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) |

Another threat is hunting, Doucs are targeted for their subsistence and traditional medicine.

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