Meet The Rainbow Finch – The Brillianty Multicoloured Bird (10 Pics)

This is the most beautiful of all the finches😍

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The Rainbow Finch, also known as the Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae), has a vibrant, multicoloured plumage.

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Both the male and female have feathers of blue, purple, yellow, red, black, and green.

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Their heads can be either yellow, red, or black.

The three head morphs (yellow, red and black) of male Gouldian finches....  | Download Scientific Diagram

As common among many bird species, the males have brighter colouring.

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These little finches are native to the grasslands of Australia, but have also been imported into Europe.

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The birds are very social creatures and love to interact with other finches. However, they are shy of humans and do not tolerate being handled.

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Gouldian finches feed on insects, grass, and seeds.

Gouldian Finch - eBird
Gouldian Finch — Full Profile, History, and Care
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