Meet The Malabar Trogan – The Fashionista Of The Bird World

The Malabar trogon (Harpactes fasciatus) is a beautiful brightly coloured bird.

The male has a black head and a crimson red underside.

Malabar Trogon - eBird

The female is more of an olive-brown and less striking than the male, as common with many bird species.

Malabar Trogon - eBird

Malabar trogons have a diet of insects and fruits.

Malabar Trogon - eBird

They are found in the forests of Sri Lanka and peninsular India.

Birds of India | Bird World: Malabar trogon

The birds have a low, guttural call that can only be heard in close proximity.

Malabar Trogon - BirdForum Opus | BirdForum

They often perch still on concealed branches, making them hard to spot, despite their colourful plumage.

Malabar Trogon (Harpactes Fasciatus) - Male | © All right re… | Flickr

The stunning colour combination of their feathers is like something out of fashion week!

Malabar Trogon - eBird
Lessons in Love (and Housekeeping) from the Malabar Trogon | RoundGlass |  Sustain

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Written by Alice Joan